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  1. Where to find a treasure trove of valuable merchandise right in your own area that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar and quickly convert into FAST CASH.

    (I promise you -- this valuable merchandise isn't stolen -- BUT, don't be surprised if you feel a little bit guilty when you make 200% to 1000% profit -- or more -- in just a few days!)

  2. My Amazing Profit Loop System Puts Extra Money in Your Pocket Daily.

    (But the really cool part is this: it also creates a re-occuring residual income stream. See below for more details and a free video that shows you exactly how it works.)

  3. The eBay Arbitrage -- a simple technique that allows anyone with a computer and internet connection to earn extra money using a free eBay account. The special twist I discovered is a secret way that allows anyone to make money on eBay without finding suppliers or stocking inventory.

    More about the eBay Arbitrage technique below...

For the past 8 years, I've been secretly testing out little-known and clever ways to make money both online and offline.

I've personally tested hundreds of different techniques, tactics, and yes even schemes for generating fast cash.

Now, I've compiled all the best of these techniques into a unique package called, Emergency Cash Generators. Use these techniques anytime you need to generate cash quickly.

From: James Jones
Tuesday, 11:27 a.m.

Dear Friend,

f you have a few minutes to spare I want to show you some secret tricks and techniques I use to bring in extra money anytime I need it.

I think I know what you're probably thinking...

"These will be the same old unworkable schemes
I have seen a million times before."

Give me just seven minutes of your time and I think you'll see these techniques really are different!

For example...

Have you ever heard of this technique? It's called the eBay Arbitrage...

It's a simple technique that allows anyone with a computer and internet connection to earn extra money {at home} using a free eBay account.

The special twist I discovered is a secret way that allows anyone to make money on eBay without finding suppliers or stocking inventory.

More about the eBay Arbitrage technique in a minute...

It's just one of the techniques you'll find in my Insiders How-To Package:

Emergency Cash Generators -- Little-Known Ways to Generate Cash Quickly.

Here's another Money Making Idea You'll Learn About...

My buddy, Mike, loves to travel. While vacationing in Florida one summer Mike stumbled onto a great little money making idea that netted him $50,000 his first year -- while he was traveling around goofing off and having fun.

Now Mike travels all over the country -- from Key West, Florida to Salem, Oregon -- doing this business and makes all the money he needs.

You don't have to travel to do this. You can do it right in your own hometown if you want. And the market is wide open because hardly anyone else is doing it. (see Emergency Cash Generator #2 for complete details)

Here is another one:

I'll show you how to collect $20.00 bills from local businesses in your area for a very simple "no-brainer" service you perform for them. You see, if they did the service themselves it would cost them much, much more than $20.00. But, you can do this service for all of them at once and save them a bundle. While at the same time raking in $400.00 - $500.00 for yourself. (see Emergency Cash Generator #3)

Here are a few more examples of what you will find in "Emergency Cash Generators:"

  • A product that you can buy locally at a certain retail shop I will tell you about -- that you can turn around and sell for double, triple or even more. (See Emergency Cash Generator #12)

  • How a camera, a few trash bags and a letter written to a certain group of people can put wads of cash in your mail box. (See ECG #11)

  • Crafty way 3 men make up to $4000.00 a week visiting yard sales. (See ECG #13)

    (This Next One Is a Bit Sneaky But Perfectly Legal)

  • Go into a busy bar and come out a couple of hours later with a pocket full of cash. (See ECG #44)

  • How to make money with the free to post bulletin boards you see in grocery stores, deli's and other businesses. (See ECG #17)

  • A neat way to make money every time it rains. (See ECG #21)

  • How to make money giving away a special 12 page booklet. (See ECG #22)

  • Simple service business that satisfies a huge demand fueled by the local and national news media. Make $50.00 an hour performing this much needed service. (See ECG #19)

  • A simple 2 minute service that you provide to convertible car owners that can put some easy cash in your pocket. (See ECG #49)

  • Get paid $25.00 -- $35.00 to watch TV? The catch is you can only do this once or twice a week but still it's like free money! (See ECG #45)

  • Like going to yard sales? Here is one item that is almost always way undervalued that you can get for practically nothing and resell for a fast profit. (See ECG #14)

  • I make extra money as an amateur sleuth. How? See ECG #46 for details.

  • How to get products for free that you turn around and sell for a quick profit. (See ECG #90)

  • This only works Thursday - Sunday: A simple, specialized service you provide to area bars that can net you up to $300.00 per night. (See ECG #7)

  • An uncanny technique based on a little-known psychology book that can put $100 -- $200 cash in your hands today. (See ECG #10)

  • Have a digital camera? Make money leisurely taking pictures in the park, on the beach or anywhere people gather. No selling involved. (See ECG #84)

  • Create a special business card on your home computer. Then, give these cards away -- for FREE -- to a certain group of people -- people who will love to receive them. And you make $600.00 to $2000.00. How? (See ECG #6)

These are methods that I have come up with myself or personally known people who use them. You are not going to find the same old worn out ideas that you can get for free on the internet.

You will also find that these techniques require little or no start up cash. Some may necessitate you having a computer but I can safely assume you already meet that requirement. Likewise with a telephone. Less than $50 is probably all you will need to start these little ventures -- if that much.

Here are some more of the quick money making ideas you'll learn about:

  • Have you got any of these laying around? I'll show you two ingenious ways to make money with old discarded magazines -- No, I'm not talking about recycling. (see ECG #51 for details)

  • Women -- how to make money from clueless guys -- and they'll thank you for it! (read ECG #52 for details)

  • Simple technique to Instantly increase your take-home pay -- I am shocked that more people don't know about this. (ECG #53 spills the beans on this idea)

  • How to make money brokering a certain commodity you can find on the internet. (ECG # 66 will show you how)

  • Curious formula shows you how to Double your Disposible Income. (for the exact formula see ECG #78)

  • An unusual -- but much needed service you can provide to people having parties. (ECG #54 has all the details)

  • High tech multimedia service you can provide to webmasters. Simple free tools you download from the internet do all the work. (See ECG #73)

  • Fun project allows you to make money bringing single people together in a unique way -- No, not a matchmaking service. (Read ECG #60 to see this brilliant concept)

  • You can make $100.00 in a couple of hours with this -- a unique service you provide that will increase business in local bars and coffee houses. (see ECG #62)

  • Make money with a little Guidebook you give away to car owners. (See ECG #67)

  • New technology allows you to make money on the internet without a product, without a website and without any experience. (See ECG #91 and be sure to watch the downloadable video where I show you exactly how to do this)

  • Discarded Office Supply Receipts -- why a certain group of people will pay you for them. (amazing what some people will do for money.

  • How to make money with a very specialized but much needed -- service you provide to people having yard sales. (See ECG #43)

  • Odd way one man made $3267.00 rummaging through old newspapers. (See ECG #74 -- You can do this too but works best in a small town)

  • Weird story of how one man made $1000.00 selling his electronic bookmarks. (No reason why you couldn't do this -- See ECG #85)

Remember the eBay Arbitrage technique I told you about earlier? You're going to love this...

I Created a Downloadable Video So You Can See This Technique In Action!

This 11 minute video that shows you exactly how to do this. In fact, I do a live eBay Arbitrage right before your eyes. Don't miss this!

What would you expect to pay for just one of these amazing money making techniques elsewhere? $99.00? $129.00? $199.00? More?

What is this manual worth to you IF just ONE of these techniques brings you cash anytime you need it?

Don't answer that! It's like asking:

What is a Goose that lays Golden Eggs worth?

This Insider's How To Package with all 93  101 techniques plus 40 minutes of "this is how you do it" downloadable videos is a steal at $97.00. But, if you order today -- right now -- you can get this valuable information for only $39.99. That's more than a 50% discount off the regular price!

PLUS if you Order Right Now
You'll receive these 3 Sensational Bonuses!

BONUS # 1 - Special Report: "How To Find Lost And Hidden Treasures in Your Neighborhood"

When you order "Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0" I'll give you a copy of "How To Find Lost And Hidden Treasures in Your Neighborhood" for free. You'll learn stuff like:

  • Techniques to find unlimited lost valuables!
  • How to find DIAMONDS and other gemstones under your feet!
  • Where to find hidden valuables at Thrift Shops and Estate Sales!
  • Where and How to look for hidden treasures.
  • Over $4 BILLION DOLLARS in hard U.S. Currency and Coinage disappears into secret hiding places or is lost each and every year according to the Federal Reserve Board. Find out how to recover your share of this immense treasure!
  • A METAL DETECTOR IS NOT REQUIRED for any of the secret methods disclosed in the book.

BONUS # 2 - Special Report: "Fast eBay Cash"

This is an almost unknown report written by my good friend Andy Brocklehurst that reveals the secret world of drop shipping. It goes way above and beyond what other guides reveal, walking you step by step through the process of selling goods on eBay and purchasing them only AFTER you've collected your payment, and then having the supplier send them direct to the customer. This report sells for $19.95 on it's own (you can read all about it at http://www.thequickway.com/fastcash)

BONUS # 3 - Shocking eBook: "The Greatest Money Making Secret of All Time."

If you want money, you only have to do one thing. It's the one thing some of the wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing. It's the one thing written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today. It's the one thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most people will fear doing it.

What is that one thing?

You'll find out when you read -- "The Greatest Money Making Secret of All Time." Yours for free. When you order Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0 today!

You will be able to download the electronic version of Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0 and all the bonus items instantly so you can get started right now. You'll also get a link to access a special Resource Section so you can view the videos (plus there are a few surprises there as well :-) Just click the link below to get access now:

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        "For the first time ever i'm in control of my life..."

-----Original Message-----
From: 'Fergus Maguire'
Sunday, Aug 20, 1:48 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: Thank You!

James thank you for your wonderful book, emergency cash generators. My friend and I have started ECG #2. (I am from Ireland.) This buisness is amazing. We are only done are first week so far and have installed 7 at the price of 29.99euro we have only been out for 3 hours doing this. Its just amazing. For the first time ever i'm in control of my life now. I think this is a million dollar idea and the world is my oyster. Thank you and God bless you. I will keep you posted. We are serious about this wonderful venture

Fergus Maguire

Try it -- Risk Free for 8 Weeks:

You are covered by my 8 week 100% no hassle guarantee: If you are not satisfied with "Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0" for any reason, just email me at jjones@business-ideas.biz within 8 Weeks of receipt and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Sincerely yours,

James Jones

P.S. Do you have an old cell phone you no longer use -- or do you have friends that do? See Emergency Cash Generator #55 for a neat way to make money from old discarded cell phones.

P.P.S. I promised you more information about the eBay Arbitrage Technique. Click here for an example of how I used this this very technique to make a whopping 484% profit

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        "Daughter made $200 in two days..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Hazen Hoffpauir'
Tuesday, October 07, 8:27 AM
To: James J Jones
Subject: Daughter made $200 in two days...


I gave my daughter just one idea from this ebook, and she's made $200 in two days, not bad for part time work.

Hazen Hoffpauir

        "So many great ideas..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Jeremy Pope'
Friday, March 16, 12:45 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: So many great ideas

James' book has so many great ideas in it, I guess I was bound to find something useful. The really interesting thing to me about this book was how many of these ideas can play into each other, or into other marketing campaigns, if you just look with an eye toward connecting the dots. Guerrilla marketing at its finest! I use some of these ideas to help friends and clients get started making some extra money, and get them headed toward financial independence. Feels good, and very much worth doing.

Jeremy Pope
Decisions Hypnosis

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        "Couldn't stop reading..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Michelle Mullen'
Saturday, October 04, 8:19 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: Couldn't stop reading...

I couldn't stop reading "Emergency Cash Generators"! Great, useful ideas that you can immediately put to use right now to get extra money. I intend to use one of the ideas right away that should put thousands in my pocket in the next few months.

Thank you for such a great product.

Michelle Mullen

        "Highly recommend for stay-at-home mothers..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Amy Reagan'
Monday, September 29, 6:22 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: Highly recommend for stay-at-home mothers and parents

I highly recommend this to stay-at-home mothers and parents who just want to be flexible to their kids. I run a website geared toward families and have recomended this book to parents looking to make real money. The ideas listed here are not the worn out ones that exist everywhere on the web but really don't produce real money. The ideas in this e-book are fresh and real money makers.

Amy Reagan

        "I Feel Protected..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Steve Chamberland'
Wed, June 28, 4:10 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: I Feel Protected...

Hi James,

Boy am I glad I bought this product! I actually feel protected, in a way, because I know I won't be hurting for money anytime soon.

Steve Chamberland

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        "You've renewed my faith in ebooks..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Diana Potts'
Sunday, September 28, 6:54 PM
To: James J Jones
Subject: You've renewed my faith in ebooks...

Well, I was prepared for a few next to impossible ideas on how to generate money. I was VERY pleasantly suprised at the ideas found in your book. Not only were the ideas great for making money quickly but also came with complete instructions on how it was to be done. I've ordered lots of ebooks that give you the idea but never the "how to" steps necessary to do it. Your book is so complete I don't see how anyone could fail to generate money doing this. I appreciate the fact that you gave more than you advertised. You've renewed my faith in ebooks again. Thanks again. I have to run.....lots of ideas to get started on from you book.

Thanks again.

Diana Potts

        "Treasure-chest of ideas..."
-----Original Message-----
From: 'Judy Miller'
Saturday, October 04, 10:58 AM
To: James J Jones
Subject: Treasure-chest of ideas...

Emergency Cash Generators" is a treasure-chest of ideas for making money fast! The eBay Arbitrage-(ECG #9) has netted me four times what I paid for the item.

Judy Miller

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